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Welcome to MAY Consulting, your premier matchmaking service designed to unite visionaries in the sports market.


At MAY Consulting, we understand the unique dynamics of this vibrant sector and are dedicated to empowering initiatives, whether they're centered around pioneering sports technologies, innovative wellness solutions, or unique sports and entertainment events.

Our Services

Our Approach

For Project Creators

Project Consultation:
Our experienced team conducts in-depth consultations with project creators to understand the unique aspects of their initiatives, goals, and requirements.

Tailored Matchmaking:
Leveraging our extensive network and industry expertise, we curate a list of potential sponsors and investors whose interests and objectives align closely with the specific needs of your project.

Introduction and Facilitation:
We facilitate direct introductions, enabling project creators to engage in meaningful discussions with potential sponsors and investors. Our role is to streamline communication and foster strong connections.

Once a compatible match is identified, we assist in negotiation processes, ensuring that both parties are aligned for success.


For Sponsors and Investors

Profile Analysis:

We analyze the profiles of sponsors and investors, considering their investment preferences and industry focus.


Customized Recommendations:

Based on their preferences, we provide a curated list of projects that present promising opportunities, ensuring a personalized and strategic approach to investment.


Introduction and Exploration:

We introduce sponsors and investors to project creators, facilitating discussions and providing comprehensive information to support their decision-making process.

Due Diligence Support:
Our team assists sponsors and investors in conducting due diligence, offering valuable insights and resources to ensure informed investment decisions.



Why MAY Consulting?

1. Sector-Specific Expertise:
Rely on our deep understanding of the sports market to guide the matchmaking process, ensuring strategic connections that drive success across all facets of the industry.

2. Personalized Approach:
Experience a tailored matchmaking service that considers the unique challenges and opportunities within the sports sector, promoting the right fit for your project or investment.


3. Proactive Communication:
Stay informed at every step with our commitment to clear and proactive communication throughout the matchmaking journey.

4. Proven Success Stories:
Join a community of sports innovators, sponsors, and investors who have achieved success through our dedicated matchmaking services.



Meet our Founder & CEO

After earning his degree as an Engineer, Martin has dedicated his professional journey to the intersection of technology and its application in health, sports, and wellness. As a seasoned sales and business development manager driven by values, Martin has successfully led initiatives that seamlessly marry innovation with the ever-evolving needs of the industry. 

Martin brings a wealth of experience to the table, not only as a proficient sales and business development professional but also as a prolific co-producer of various TV shows and digital content centered around sports and wellness. As a highly sought-after speaker, he has been invited to share his insights at shows and conventions, showcasing his unique ability to translate the intricacies of sports to both the general public and the business world.

With an international footprint spanning the United States, Europe, and Latin America, Martin has collaborated closely with esteemed entities such as Olympic committees, universities, professional sports teams, high-performance athletes, young players' academies, and research and rehabilitation labs. Martin's visionary approach combines technical expertise with a gift for effective communication, positioning him as a driving force in the dynamic confluence of technology, sports, and wellness. His impactful contributions have not only shaped industry practices but have also positioned him as a respected figure at the forefront of this transformative intersection.

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Martin Yaconis, Engr.

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Are you ready to elevate your project to new heights or explore exciting investment opportunities? Partner with MAY Consulting and experience the difference that personalized, expert matchmaking can make. Together, let's turn your visions into reality.


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